Purchasing Fountain Pens – Tips To Remember

One of the most important and commonly used items is a pen. With the advancement in technology, pens have also undergone a great change. They are available in different price ranges and there are many renowned brands that design pens which are categorized as a luxury item. So, anyone can purchase a pen depending on his requirements.
There are a number of varieties of pens http://pens.com.au/bicr-steeltm-retractable-laser-engrave used nowadays such as ball point pens, gel pens, use and throw pens, personalised pens, and several others. From the several pens, ink pens are considered as the best as it is said that writing with these pens makes your handwriting beautiful. But, before buying these pens you should know about some important things such as-

Efficiency: Writing with the help of these pens should be a satisfying experience in all. You will not want to spoil your handwriting just because of satisfying experience in a reasonable price. Hence, you should check its efficiency.
Quality of nibs: The most important thing which you should keep in mind while purchasing these pens is the quality of the nib. There are some pens which have dry nibs and some have wet nibs. Using the pens with wet nibs increases the quality of handwriting and adds on to the elegance of script. But on the other hand it is seen that it releases a lot of ink which makes your work a little hectic one. On the other hand, dry nibs are not good in increasing smoothness and flair. But, the best thing is that ink is retained for a long time in the pens.
Ink sacs: the second important thing which you should look after is the ink sacs. It is the portion which contains ink in it. If you want that your pen should contain more amount of ink in it then, you should consider buying a pen that has a bigger body. But, the demerit can be that you might face difficulty in writing just because of the big body. It is easier to write with small body pens than pens with a big body.
Flexibility and material: The flexibility of pens depends on the flexibility of nibs. The pens having more flexible nibs will help you in writing thick and broad as you are writing with broad nib pens.
Material – The next thing is the material used for nibs. The material should be as such that you are able to write easily and with elegant writing. There are pens available in platinum and steel. You can choose according to our comfort.