A Flashy Way To Look Good

Promotional USB flash drives can be a dime a dozen but they all do the same thing — hopefully. The Key promotional USB flash drive is definitely the strangest model you will see. It can also be the most confusing. Why would you purchase a promotional USB flash drive that you cannot instantly recognise? This is especially true if you are in a hurry to go somewhere and forget the strange looking device sitting on your desk or connected into the USB slot. While the design leaves a lot to be desired, the functionality is the same on both fronts: storage, and branding. It is still a promotional USB flash drive after all. The design on the top is a blank slate which is open to any company who wants to stamp their name on it. This promotional USB flash is made of stainless steel and has the distinct design choice of not being retractable or having a cap.
The key shape means that there was no possibility for a way to safely cover the connector. Therefore, you need to be careful with how you actually use it and transport it around. You may have to resort to zip lock bags or small cases to ensure it doesn’t get infested with dust or otherwise damaged. Thankfully, the features within still make it a practical promotional USB drive in terms of functionality. The memory capacity range is generous, from 2 gigabytes to 64 gigabytes. The system requirements are always up to date but offer some backwards compatibility. You can use this promotional stubby holders melbourne at lower prices on any Macintosh machine without worries. In terms of Windows operating systems, you could have a Windows 2000 machine and not have to worry about getting left out.
If you prefer promotional USB flash drives that are not at risk of damage to the extent of the Key model then in that case you are in luck. The Eclipse promotional USB flash drive is what you need and it looks pretty interesting. You won’t get the single rectangular model with this product. Its rounded design belies a sliding mechanism that can hide or produce the connector whenever you need. Of course, there is also the space for branding which is what promotional USB flash drives have as a secondary function.
The Eclipse model boasts a creation method of precision engineering. It also boasts the material of chrome-plated zinc alloy and soft-touch plastic. Does this mean anything to a customer? Almost certainly not. What matters is whether the promotional USB drive is reliable and operational. Maybe the design process is just a bonus, then. The memory capacity is identical to that of the Key promotional USB flash drive with a minimum of 2 gigabytes and a maximum of 64. The systems requirements are also identical. It really comes down to what you prefer: a promotional USB drive with a unique design, or one with a sliding mechanism. Know more about promotional product company in Melbourne, visit http://redmangopromotions.com.au/