A Complete Guide On Digital Printing

Digital printing is considered as modern technique of printing that offers prints directly from computer file instead of taking it from a slide or from the photo, without even going through the intermediate medium like negative of a film, plate and colour proof. Digital printing is basically used for several needs of commercial printing in black and white color and even in different bright colour. Some commercial digital printing specialist companies also provide a huge printing format such as signage, posters, acrylic prints and canvas. They also provide wide printing for external applications of large scale like advertising billboards, banners, building wraps and hoardings. Digital printing is now being increasingly used rather than using traditional forms of printing like litho. It is quite simple to understand when you look at different benefits offered by digital printing:

Benefits of digital and 3D printing

Digital printing offers different advantages, the key ones is about fast turnaround and reduced cost of production. It is also quite often used for short-run and on-demand colour printing. This is highly cost-effective on the short print owing to low cost of set up and the truth that there is no minimum restriction of volume. The choice of processes can be also used for high definition of the printing applications. Moreover, printing may also be done on different substrates. Digital and 3D printing use fade resistant and waterproof inks and so it is best suitable for the printing materials for outdoor and indoor use. You can print any size that includes huge format with additional wide formats as well.

Process of Digital Printing

There are different processes that are used for digital printing with taulman 3D filament, the choice is determined by application and by their intended use.


It creates the photo-realistic graphics having brilliant intensity of colour. Their versatility makes it to be a great choice for huge format of display graphics. The Inkjet printers generally use CMYK inks that produce complete colour and may even print onto the extensive range of media so the process is well suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


It is a superior quality and even cost effective format with complete process of colour printing. The process generally uses UV inks that are environmentally friendly and is also cured with the UV light, making them quite resistant to fading, abrasion and water resistant. It is basically suited for various outdoor graphics as it will well cope with different weather conditions.


It uses the laser technology for creating highest resolution of display graphics for best quality of the photographic prints on the photographic paper, Duratrans and film. It is perfectly suited for huge format of display graphics as they give sharp and photographic images, with high-impact of colour prints.