5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Sticker Marketing

For more than half a century, posters have been used in election campaigns, establishing brands, setting up companies, publicizing, initiating discussions and growing exposure. However, regardless of being around for decades and being extremely cost effective and simple, little attention has been given by marketing experts and organizations to the power of this sticky promotional item. Here are few reasons why sharp organizations shouldn’t disregard this capable, cost effective marketing medium.

Go beyond the bumper

Contemporary poster campaigns are more than something you simply paste on the bumper. The era of massive, black and white, rectangular stickies for bumpers are long gone and being taken over by marketing decals of different shapes and designs such as car wrap and post it notes to be out up on windows, laptops, water bottles, walls and anything.

Stale way of doing things

Marketing sticky notes are offline and physical types broadcasting and social media. Individuals were ‘liking’, pinning, sharing, posting, and initiating discussions with stickers’ decades before the internet. Outlined and conveyed appropriately they ceaselessly create ease display, influence and verbal promoting.

Get the word out

Think off-line advertising is antiquated or wobbly when compared to online or social media marketing to get the word out? Think twice. Recent reviews argue that majority of individuals place faith in verbal suggestions from colleagues and friends. Also, massive degree of informal recommendations about brands occurring offline. However instruments, such as canvas printing, used to back and intensify outdoor offline marketing tools are frequently neglected by many organizations. This is an undeniable error.

Personal recommendation

Publicizing or advertising has moved to more assent and contact based models. Corporate promotional campaigns that are easily lost in a field of other different mediums is no longer profitable and practical, notably for small and medium companies. Stickers often make advertising easy, because the way that when shown they are not seen as publicizing by any means. They are considered personal recommendations, suggestions and testimony of approval for a message or a company.

Mix it with other marketing campaigns

In addition to getting the word and promoting presence, stickers can be used in many other ways to improve and reinforce advertising efforts. Free stickers can be swapped for locations. Ideas and dialogues can be sparked on social media to connect with clients. Important information or deals can be printed on the back of a sticker. These can increase solidarity and recognition of a specific idea. Fruitful or fascinating corporate decal campaigns can produce fabulous PR.